Thursday, November 3, 2011

[17] Harmony Centre & Its Geopolitical Uses (5)
Part 1.

One way to describe cruelty is as violence hidden. Hiding behind the milder word “cruelty”, violence and savagery can be obfuscated and hid in a mist. Such cruelty, i.e., savagery-violence, is the way of the Latvian government with the Latvian people.

I am writing about the savagery-cruelty-violence by the Latvian government as it expresses itself through economic cruelty-violence. For more detailed and sensate proof see Michael Hudson’s and Jeffrey Sommers article in the Guardian.

As a result of the government’s economic violence, hundreds and possibly thousands of Latvian pensioners and children will die a premature death due to health problems, poor nutrition, and outright despair. Thousands more will leave Latvia as economic refugees. Suicide rates driven by despair in Latvia are among the world’s highest. Unfortunately, the Latvian media are in the habit of ascribing suicide to alcoholism, rather than to despair that results from unemployment, lack of money, and not least, a lack of educational facilities for potable skills.

One of the potable-useable skills that Latvian country folk possess is, unfortunately, the ability to use the simpleton’s tool, the chain saw. This barbaric instrument is then used to cut down Latvia’s forests, which procedure keeps Swedish bankers in plenty of spending money, while Latvians stay barely alive.

To obscure the cruelty of the Latvian PM’s, Valdis Dombrovskis, and emphasize the “cure”, Latvians are presented the Estonian economic model. Alas, according to Jeffrey Sommers and Markku Sippola, both economists, the Estonian example demands that Estonians accept economic serfdom to Swedish banks and submit to Swedish geopolitical interests. The Latvian PM is making sure that Latvians ‘accept’ serfdom similar to the Estonians by peddling an intellectually questionable product authored for him by Andres Aslund , a Swedish hack working for Swedish banking interests.

Of course, one may argue that cruel measures—as in unavoidable and necessary measures—can be justified if at stake is the existence of, say, a nation. It may be argued that such is the situation of Latvia today.

Having suffered under the delusion that to be “free” of the Soviet Union means to become truly free and—the next delusion—that prosperity will arrive automatically, Latvians are now again faced with  circumscribed freedoms and forced delusions regarding their sovereignty.

In blunt words, the circumscription (or hair cut) of Latvia’s sovereignty comes as a result of the ideology of the oligarch-owned West outfitted to serve Swedish banks and Swedish ways of spreading disinformation about themselves and their foreign policies.

End part 1. Part 2 follows. 

[17] Harmony Centre & Its Geopolitical Uses (5)
Part 2.

Way back in 1991, the then emerging political leadership of Latvia was faced with American sent ‘“Harvard boys” . These  agents charlatans (one example here), sanctified by credentials from one of America’s most prestigious universities,  proposed to reverse economic direction from Soviet-style socialism to American style neo-liberal capitalism. Naturally, the Boys favored to see (my intelligent guess) a Latvian government controlled by Latvia’s own charlatans.

The instant privatization of Latvia, the economic shock policy advised by the Boys, favored the entry into Latvian government offices folks who practiced empty rhetoric and prepared to utilize it to rise to a quick and privatized prominence.

One such prominent riser is the current President of Latvia, Andris Berzins. Selected to become President of Latvia by forces that used a pocket thief’s sleigh of hand to maneuver (how did they do it?) this white rabbit into the office at Riga pils (the presidential castle), remains everyone’s mystery. The government supported Latvian news media refuses to look into the matter. For them a "mysterious joker" in Latvian government hands is a given.

If the Latvian media does not look into the matter, write, and educate the public about it, it is unlikely that many readers, viewers, and followers of news know of the infiltration of Swedish lobbyists into Latvian government. This is why the Latvian intelligentsia does not even note this phenomenon with regard to the governments in Estonia and Denmark. The PM’s of the last mentioned countries just visited Latvia to reassure and strengthen the Swedish ministrants in Latvia. The Lord’s wardrobe attendants brush the dust off the Lord’s shoulders unselfconsciously, proving they do not know what they are doing—even if their doing harms Latvia.

The collaboration of the Latvian media with the Latvian led Swedish lobby in the Latvian government, leaves the Latvian-Russian led Harmony Centre the only force of opposition to the Western-and-Swedish bank-led attempt to “occupy” Latvia.

It is in the interest of Latvians (other than those compromised by Sweden) to have a government of their own, a government that is able to become the 3rd force, the force that controls the geopolitical interests of Latvia with an undiminished sense of Latvia’s sovereign self.

One of the ways to achieve the status of the 3rd force is to isolate Riga. The isolation is best done by offering Riga for bid to the highest bidder. The beginning bid may be set at a repayment of Latvia’s current debts; financing (paying for) the move of the capital of Latvia to Jelgava; and a yet to be determined annual rent, payable to the Latvian people through the Latvian government in Jelgava.

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